Cinnamon Buns from ScanShop
A Sweet Treat any Time of the Day

Once upon a time there was a silly girl (= me), who went on a holiday to Sweden. To Stockholm, to be precise. She spent the entire week eyeing up cinnamon buns (Kanelbullar) but never actually bought one. (It was the end of a three week trip and she had already put on the odd holiday-kilo!) So she just looked at them, mouth and eyes watering. Then, on the last morning of the trip, she and her boyfriend were at the airport. They had an early flight, leaving at 7 am. There were’nt many places open at  6 am… especially not near the gates the cheap airlines leave from. However, the only café on site did have cinnamon buns. They were strikingly expensive (4 Euros) and looked rather dry. The girl bought one, nevertheless. She enjoyed it, but regretted not having bought a reasonably priced, better Kanelbullar in one of the traditional bakeries in town….

But, as life has it, most of us are given a second chance. And my second chance crept up on me this afternoon. I had noticed the ScanShop just off the corner of Place Jourdan. Philipp and I had actuallyalready been inside once and had had a browse around. That’s when we noticed the cinnamon buns. I had forgotten about them until today.

On my way back from town, I felt tired and fancied a treat. Actually I had planned to go to one of the only Starbucks in town at Gare Central but the fire alarm had gone off at the station, because one of the girls from a waffle stand hat burned her waffles. Seriously! So you can imagine what it was like there.

Well, I had to go without coffee. I got off the Underground at Schumann and wandered down Froissart. I poked my head into Pauls, but nothing really caught my  attention. And then I suddenly remembered ScanShop. I headed straight there – and was lucky. They had one single Kanelbullar left! I grabbed it with one of the paper bags, paid my 95 cents and couldn’t wait to try. (The photo is just the tail end…. I managed not to scoff it all at once so I could take a photo for you at home.)

It really was… I can’t even think of a word to describe it: More than yummy! And perfect for me: Homemade, not to sweet, the perfect amount of cinnamon and no sticky, sickly glaze. And: No raisins! Perfect!

ScanShop, Chaussee de Wavre 354, Brussels // Facebook-Page

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  1. Marthafied

    Scandinavians make the best cinnamon rolls… love them straight out of the over with a cold glass of milk!!

    1. emily

      Yes, they are the best! I just don’t know how they do it. In my homecountry Austria we have buns similar – but they are a lot sweeter and stickier and mostly have lots of nuts or sugar. The Scandinavians manage to get the taste purely from the cinnamon. Fab! Anyone got a recipe to try at home?

  2. Lotta M.

    Nice piece of writing! I’m a Finn and am just looking for the address to the Scandinavian shop to give directions for my Finn and that’s how I ran into this blog. The Scandinavian store is a great treat! :) Here is a cinnamon bun recipe for you that I think has quite good proportions. Ps. the Thing in the buns is not only cinnamon but especially cardamom. We scandinavians think it’s necessary if you talk about real tasty buns. 😉 So in the recipe below, I would use a bit more butter and at least 2 spoons of cardamom to make them more real pulla, as they are called in Finnish. 😉 Enjoy!

  3. Lis

    If you want to make some comparison, I recommend the Finnish Seamen’s Mission and its cinnamon buns! They are so good and homemade at the Mission and often served right of the oven. They cost little bit more that in the Scanshop but are worth every penny! The Mission is situated close to Maalbeek metro station:Rue Jacques de Lalaing 33 / Jacques de Lalaingstraat 33
    1040 Bruxelles / Brussel (Etterbeek).

  4. philipp

    Lis – it took a while, but now we finally had a chance to taste the delicious cinnamon buns at the Finnish Seamen’s Mission! See our post here:

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