Miss Piggy Beer



I imagined this beer from the Brasserie à Vapeur could be just the thing for Miss Piggy. The diva pig first became a real star with the Muppets, 22 years after her first television appearance in 1974; the beer was created in 1992. Has it, in the meantime, also become a star ?

In 1984, Jean-Louis Dits and his wife, Sittelle, purchased the Biset brewery, complete with an old steam engine (the German occupying forces in 1914 had been unable to dismantle and requisition it, taking only the brewery copper vat). Two months later, the steam engine turned, smoke came out of the chimney and the new steam brewery had started. Vapeur Cochonne made its appearance eight years later together with the newly designed labels from the Belgian cartoonist Louis-Michel Carpentier.

The beer has an abundance of gas frothing almost uncontrollably out of the bottle; once in the glass it has a very hazy amber brown colour and a voluminous head.

The aroma is probably reminiscent of Miss Piggy; at first sweet with summer fruit, almost perfumed, followed by the harsher malt and yeast and a hint of farmyard sourness.

The taste is initially sweet and also sour, with a hint of something earthy ( probably from the roasted chicory in the brew) ; the sourness turns more citrus and fruity, malt comes increasingly through and, together with the sweetness, develops an alcoholic ( alcohol 9.0% vol.) port and wheat wine taste.

An interesting beer, which didn’t seem to be able to make up its mind. All in all, a Miss Piggy of a beer, but certainly not a star.