Coffee Company
Just the place for a Break after your Shopping Trip


The main shopping street  in Brussels is Rue Neuve – if you are looking for the internatonal chains such as H&M, Mango, Zara, Springfield, Promod etc. (Local designer shops are off the beaten track, spread all over town.) Unfortunately Rue Neuve doesn’t have too many inviting places for a break. You might try the Café in Hema – a typical Shop-Cafe with quick snacks and cheap deals. But Exki is probably the best choise, if you are looking for lunch, cake or coffee.

That’s why we recommend to do your shopping first – and then venture over to Rue Midi. There are a couple of nice cafes here. The Les gens qui j’aime for example. Or, if you are more the fancy-coffee-in-all-shapes-and-sizes-type you might want to give the Coffee Company a go. It is the closest to a Starbucks in the City Centre; except for the Starbucks on Grande Place, of course.

So if you are looking for some comfortable couches and armchairs with a great drink – along the lines of Marshmallow-Moccacino or White-Chocolate-Coffee Frappé – this is the spot. And: If you need to boost your energy levels after a tiring shopping spree you can also choose from a wide – very wide! – selection of cakes and other treats. (They also do salads and a couple of healthy snacks.) Also a plus: Coconut-Water, one of my favourites!

The only down side is: There are no toilets. (Well, technically there are – but the staff has blocked them off and made them into their own private toilets.) So go easy on the coffee!! No real need to worry, however: In Belgium it is quite standard procedure  to go into a café and ask to use the toilet for 50 Cents. Just keep some change ready!

Have a great weekend!

Coffee Company, Rue du Midi 45, Brussels // Facebook-Page