Comus and Gasterea
Frozen Kriek: The Adult Ice Cream

comus3Personally, I am more of a frozen yoghurt fan. I have never tried, but I definitely think I could eat a kilo of natural frozen yoghurt topped with fresh berries in just one sitting. In the town centre the chain “Chillbox” is my favourite (post to follow). However, sometimes even I fancy a nice, flavourful ice cream.

In the town centre you obviously can go for a scoop at Australian, or, if you are in the mood for something more special, Frederic Blondeel is an alternative. We, however, have a secret tip for you: Comus & Gasterea.  A small ice-cream parlour tucked away at the very end of the Quai aux Briques. A visit here ought to be well planned as the opening hours are rather limited. (During the week it opens at around 2 pm, so it is perfect for an after-lunch-treat!)

comus1From the outside the place doesn’t look like much, it’s rather a forlorn place. From the inside it isn’t anything that exciting either. Most of the time the place is rather empty, we even were inclined to turn around and go. It definitely isn’t what you would call an inviting ice cream parlour. What made us stay, however, was the wooden board with the flavours of the day. Kriek Ice Cream definitely sounded worth a try. Yes, we know Kriek means cherry. But here the sign noted that it is Kriek Beer Ice Cream. Obviously, we had to give it a try. Oh, what a delight!  It really did taste like frozen Kriek – so obviously there is alcohol in this, please don’t give it to your kids.  The ice cream was full of flavour, unfortunately a bit too soft for my liking. (When ice cream is too soft I get stressed, that I have to eat it really quickly.)

comus2The other flavours were interesting, too. We also tried the (typically Belgian) Speculoos ice cream, however, it isn’t half as good as the equivalent at Il Gelato on Place Jourdan.

What’s nice about Camus and Gasterea  is that you can take your ice cream and sit on a bench along the Quai aux Briques. As mentioned earlier, it is right at the end, so there aren’t many people about. Which also makes me worry – the man from the Ice cream parlour seemed  rather old, and the location a bit off the beaten track. So who knows how long this institution will be around. Better hurry and get your scoop!

Comus & Gasterea, Quai aux Briques 86, Brussels //

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