Cuvee Trolls
A Trip into the Underworld


It has become increasingly apparent to me that in the quest for new (that is, for me, untasted Belgian beers) I often fall into the label trap. This time I fell into a Troll underworld.

Quite what Trolls have to do with Belgium, I’m not sure, nor seemingly do the brewers; the web site states that Trolls come from northern Europe, particularly Norway. Maybe a few came on holiday on the look out for good beer and decided to stay. Who knows? Anyway the label is an eye catcher.

The Troll beer is produced by the Dubuisson family brewery which dates back to 1769; eight generations of brewers have succeeded each other in a direct line and today the Brasserie Dubuisson is not only the oldest brewery in Wallonia, it is still situated on the same spot and still 100% independent.

Brasserie Dubuisson established a micro-brewery, “Le Brasse-Temps”, in Louvain-La-Neuve in 2000; one of the first beers was Cuvee des Trolls. Today it is not only produced there but also at the micro brewery in Mons and at the main breery in Pipaix.

According to the singing, dancing underworld troll web site, ”the taste is gonna get to you”. So how does it shape up?

Pours a pale golden colour with a short living white head. The aroma shows some fruit/citrus fruit (dried orange peel used in the production ) and sweetness together with a herbal hay tone. All of this came through in the taste together with some pale malt and a light bitterness.

With 7% alc. Vol, and a reasonable follow through it’s a good Belgian strong ale , but if I were a Troll I’ d opt for a bottle of Duvel – still my favourite in the class!