Dam Sum
The best place for Dim Sum


Ever since discovering the Dim Sum Restaurant Nom Wah Tea Parlor in New York I have been longing for a great Dim Sum place in Brussels. Yes, Dim Sum has been available here in the past – but in “normal” Asian restaurants the selection is rather limited. (Think: Basket of steamed vegetarian or non-vegetarian starters.) That’s why I couldn’t wait for Dam Sum to open. (I followed the development of the building site on the Parvis de la Trinité last year really closely and couldn’t wait for the “coming soon” sign to come down.)

damsum6Dam Sum opened in autumn 2015 – and since then it has become one of my favourite restaurants in Brussels. At times it can be a bit difficult to grab a table, so usually we swing by, put our name on the list and go for a short stroll through the Chatelain-area. If you give them your number they will ring you as soon as a table becomes free. By now we know the menu – but you can also use the waiting time to make up your mind what you are going to have. (The great thing about going for Dim Sum is that you can chose lots of dishes – or should I say baskets!)

Our absolute favourites are the barbecue pork buns, obviously made with the traditional steamed yeast dough. These aren’t all that easy to get in Brussels. (You can get them at the tea shop a couple of doors along at Unami, but the buns at Dam Sum are better.) We always think we will go for three baskets (there are two small buns in each), but in the end we are always too full for a third portion. There are too many other great things on the menu. One of the house specialities are Dim Sum filled with soup. This may sound weird but they are really tasty. However, you have to be careful eating them. You might squirt around a bit.

If you aren’t a great fan of traditional Dim Sum you can also treat this restaurant like a great Chinese restaurant. They have couple of main courses on the menu. We haven’t got around to try them yet. Sometimes we  order the Pak Choi Greens as a side, even though they come with lots of garlic and we aren’t too big fans of garlic. They go well with the Dim Sum.

The nice thing about Dam Sum is the atmosphere. The owners put a lot of effort into the design: great painted walls and an open kitchen where you can see cooks making Dim Sum and stacking bamboo baskets.

Dam Sum, Parvis de la Trinité 11, Brussels // Facebook Page