An alternative to Café Belga, Part III

delectaWhen we arrived in Brussels  Place Flagey was one of the first places we were introduced to. “Here is one of the most popular fritkots“, a friend said pointing to the friterie.  “And over there, by the ponds, is the Café Belga. Everybody knows it.”

Yes, and because everybody knows Belga, the place can get rather full at times. As we only live a short walk away, we quite often find ourselves wandering over to Flagey – and wondering where we could go instead. In the past we have written about Belga, about Épaulé Jeté and about Les Pénates. But so far we haven’t told you about Delecta. It is not exactly on Flagey but on the Chaussée de Vleurgat (corner Rue Lannoy). A small bar-cum-restaurant which you might not notice when passing during the day. (Unless you walk past at lunchtime, they do food, too!).

Keep your eyes open for the retro lettering on the wall outside. Inside the place could be out of vintage-catalogue: Flowery wallpaper paired with wood covered walls, old radios and tv-sets, sleek chairs and a counter with a blackboard behind. (That’s your drinks menu!) Note: the counter actually is from the former butcher shop that used to be here.

If you come here around dinner time (8pm) it might be wiser to eat here. The tables are then set up for the hungry ones. The kitchen is specialised on Burgers, they look fab! In the early evening your aperitif is served with little, rather unusual nibbles (haricots verts in our case).

Delecta, Rue Lannoy 2, Brussels // Website