Deuxieme Element
Heavenly Thai at Saint Boniface

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Since we have mastered the art of stir-fried vegetables we rarely go for Thai food. However, we recently had visitors craving Asian food, so we decided to take them to Place Boniface. There are several Thai Restaurants there and in the vicinity. We vaguely had in mind that a friend had recommended “Le Deuxieme Element” (at number 7), so we booked a table there. 

We were expecting to be seated in the back garden, however, when we got there we opted for a table out onto the square. It is so lovely to take in the vibrant atmosphere – and that is missing in the small back yard where so many tables are cramped together. Although we caused quite some havoc the waiters remained calm and brout us prawn crackers.


The food was very tasty – the portions not overly big  but definitely sufficient. There was sooo much rice (served in a seperat bowl.) I had stir fried vegetables… Nearly as good as our homemade dish! 😉 Our table also ordered duck and sweet&sour chicken. All rather nice. The dishes were between 12 and 16 euros.

One tipp (we have mentioned before): Try getting to Place Boniface early – around 7:30 pm. It really does fill up after that, so you will wait longer and might have less fun!

Deuxieme Element, Rue Saint-Boniface 7, Brussels //