Saison Dupont
Remember Mungo Jerry?


Remember Mungo Jerry? What have they got to do with Belgium beer you may well ask. Nothing, except for the opening line of their big hit: In the summer time when the weather is high…

Now, back to the beer: One of the Belgian family brewers is Brasserie Dupont and there most popular beer is Saison Dupont. 

Saison is not a specific type of beer but is often classified as farmhouse ale. It owes its existence to the traditional practice of brewing beer in winter to be served to the farm workers in the fields in summer. If the various saison beers have anything in common it’s their relatively low alcohol and refreshing, thirst quenching nature.

Saison Dupont was first brewed at the Dupont farm brewery in 1844. It looks good with a coppery blond colour and long lasting head. If I’d been toiling away in the sun for several hours I’m sure it would look even better.

As it is I’m sat at my computer while I quench my thirst. No doubt about it, though, this beer does the job well: A bit of sweet malt but more dry grain with a slight tart citrus followed by a long but not overpowering bitter dryness . Alc by vol. 6.5 %

If it wasn’t raining outside I could close my eyes now and almost imagine the sounds and smells of the harvest. As it is I think I’ll play Mungo Jerry instead …