Eclairs at PAUL
Get your sugar boost here!


Life in Brussels is hard… that is if you are trying to keep your figure!  Sweets and treats are beckoning from every corner. As we live near Place Jourdan we can’t avoid passing the Patisserie PAUL on Rue Froissart (Number 72).  When we first discovered the branch we were over the moon. It brought back so many memories of our holiday in France in 2011!

In the meantime we are not everyday visitors but at least regular customers at PAUL. Personally, I am not such a great fan of the “Paul flute” (=their baquette). It’s rather crisp on the outside and is more dense in its texture than the baguette you will buy at any other bakery. (Plus it seems to be smaller.) But, hey, the eclairs are definitely heavenly!!! They have become soulfood for us. Whenever we are having a tough time, we surprise each other with an eclair (or two). They do chocolate and mocca eclairs at PAUL. I prefer chocolate, Philipp mocca – so we just have to get two. The nice thing about PAUL is the atmosphere. If you buy eclairs to take away (even if you only buy one), you will get a nice little box to take it home safely. They also have a good offer on, if you want to stay in: Eclair and a hot drink for 3,50 Euro. We promise you will enjoy the break!

By the way, if you are visiting PAUL on Froissart check out the seating in the second room. Most people don’t realise that there are some lovely window seats behind the corridor with the toilets. Therefore it is rather quiet and peaceful there!

Another tip: Don’t get there to late. Eclairs are sold out around 5pm. However, the bakery is open daily from 7 am – 7 pm.

PAUL, Rue Froissart 72, Brussels // Website