El Turco
A good Alternative for Lunch

elturcoLet’s be honest: People working in the EU-district can’t really moan. There are quite a few good places to grab a light lunch: Exki, Foodmaker, Guapa (if you are in for a liquid lunch), Paul, Maison Antoine (the unhealthy option) and even Mer du Nord. But sometimes you might just get a bit bored… So why not go for some turkish Mezze in your lunchbreak? El Turco is on Place de Londres and just a stone’s throw away from the Metro station Trone. (If you are coming from elsewhere.) El Turco offers lunch as a self service buffet – with some rather appetizing treats: think Hummus, aubergine-salad, olives, grilled aubergines and courgettes, goatcheese stuffed peppers – and that is only what’s on offer from the cold buffet. There also is a hot buffet serving meat and fish, potatoes, cooked vegetables.

So all you need to do is get in line and take whatever you fancy – well, and you ought to bare in mind that your plate will be weighed once you reach the till. So you might want to be careful how much you pile on. Personally, I am always a bit careful with food that is weighed – but over the years I have learned, that it always is good to pile on the leafy greens. (Providing you are a salad lover!)

Rocket and Co. don’t weigh quite as much. (And you won’t weigh quite as much when you get on those scales next time!) But I just couldn’t resist all those lovely spreads… and i had to have a piece of pain turc as well! (Fluffy white bread.)

El Turco is a great alternative for a lunch break.  Apparently  – according to an add in the window and to a couple of bloggers – they offer an All-you-can-eat buffet in the evenings. But 22,90 seems a bit steep. However, if I ever do get to try it out, I will pile up the grilled veggies:-) My favourite food!

El Turco, Place de Londres 6, Brussels // elturco.be