Ename Tripel
Supermarket Choice


The best thing about Belgium supermarkets is that they have a reasonable selection of belgium beer at very reasonable (in comparison with the specialist beer shops) prices. Chimay blue, Westmalle tripel and Rochefort 8 – all world class and all favourites of mine are offered in virtually every large shop.

I resisted the temptation to stock up on these and instead bought a few beers I hadn’t tried. The first one I opened was Ename tripel.

The label informed me that it is an abbey beer wit 8.5%alc vol brewed by the family Roman brewery in Oudenaarde. What it doesn’t say is that the brewing tradition dates back to 1545 when beer was brewed by Joos Roman, manager of a staging post, for the guests.

Twelve generations later and the brewery is still controlled by a member of the Roman family. The agreement in 1990 to produce the dubbel and tripel Ename abbey beers was made possible after the introduction of the first top fermented, bottle conditioned beers in 1983.

The beer is a good example of its type, yeast, fruit and hops are there in the aroma as in the taste. Then comes the malt sweetness followed by the alcohol and bitterness.

Worth trying if you see it on the shelf but not something to go out of your way for.

Happy beer drinking!