Félix Hap Parc
Our personal secret garden


Some things we discover in Brussels I don’t really want to share. They are special to me – places of tranquillity and happiness. That’s why I have been a bit selfish and haven’t written about the little Felix Hap Parc very close to Place Jourdan. (Some of you may know it and have kept it a secret yourself!?)


But now, as summer is coming closer and as the Parc Leopold gets fuller by the day with tourists and EP-staff enjoying their lunch break, I figured it is time to share!  The park is between the Chaussée de Wavre and the Rue Louis Hap, hence the name. However there only is one entrance, it is on Chaussée de Wavre. So you will want to leave the Place Jourdan and take the Chaussée de Wavre in direction out of town. (For those of you who know the crafts shop Schleiper: The park is only about 100 metres further up the road, on the other side!) The entrance to the park is at Number 510.


You will enter the park through a small gate in a brick wall – so it really does have the feeling of being a secret garden.  There is a lovely lawn, the perfect spot for a picnic on a blanket. If you are more the “bench-person” there are plenty here, too. Obviously locals know about this park so on sunny afternoons there will be a lot of mums with toddlers playing it the park. So if you find it to noisy to read your book just head on to the back of the park. There is a little pond – unfortunately covered with  algae the last time I went – with a small jetty. Perfect for a laze in the afternoon sun!


The opening times vary, in winter months the park closes around 6 pm. But in summer you can relax in this little haven until 9 pm. Go and see for yourself. Share it – or keep it your (or: our) little secret!

Felix Hap Parc, between Chaussée de Wavre and Av. Auderghem // Website