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A little box to spice up your Curries


While we usually like to be out and about exploring Brussels and trying out new restaurants, lately, we have been developing a habit of mixing up our food at home with boxes. Delivered boxes, to be precise: We had dinner in a box from Smartmat; ordered our favourite restaurant food at Take Eat Easy; most recently, we spiced up our cooking with a little box from Flavour Delivered.

What constitutes the difference between a good and a great meal? The recipe, of course; the ingredients, even more so; the spices, in particular. This is where Flavour Delivered can come in handy: All the spices you need in small tubs, along with a shopping list for all the other ingredients, and an actual recipe for your meal, are sent to your home in a little box.


You order online, where you can choose between three different boxes, each one for a different kind of curry: Meat-based, Fish-based, or Veggie-Based. For 25 €, you will get three boxes over a three-month period; each box provides you with spices for a 4-person meal.


We were kindly invited to try a box for free, and we were pretty happy with the results. The shopping list was easy to use, as was the recipe. With the spices, there is not much you can do wrong: They are clearly labeled and weighed, so all you have to do is open the right box at the right time.


With not much hassle at all, we got a delicious home-cooked curry. Yes, there are other ways to achieve the same result. But I myself have experienced going through my cookbooks, finding a recipe I would really like to try – and then ending up not doing it because a couple of the spices are missing. So I would say it’s a great idea for people who like to cook but who don’t regularly do curries; trying it three times with Flavour Delivered should be an easy start.

Full Disclaimer: While we don’t do advertorials or sponsored posts, we sometimes do cooperations. Usually this means that we get to try something for free and then write about. That was the case here: Flavour Delivered did not have any say in how or when we would publish a post and they did not get the chance to read it in advance.

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  1. The Sticky Bun

    The sample shopping list is quite, err, extensive…suggests you don’t get much for your money. Seriously, a single bay leaf in a bag?

    You could wander down to Ch. de Wavre and buy all the spices from one of the many Asian shops, cheap as chips (and maybe eat a fresh veggie samosa from the Green Pepper too). You’re down there anyway for your ghee and garlic/ginger paste

    Strikes me as very expensive

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