Floris Chocolate
Too Sweet for Beer?


Yes, I know what you are going to say: Chocolate Beer is no proper Beer.

I am not going to argue with you on this one.

But I will say that: It tastes good nonetheless. 

Although I am rapidly warming to Belgian beers like Orval, Rochefort, Grand Cru, Westmalle or Chimay, every once in a while I fancy one of the lighter, fruitier (is that a word?) types. Like a Hoegaarden Rosee, a Kriek – or, this time, a Floris Chocolate Beer.

It is not something you would drink more than one of; more a splash of variety every now and then. It’s rather light (4,2%) and I have to say I was rather suprised taste-wise: While some fruity beers taste not like beer at all, this one does. At the same time you taste the chocolate – not too intense either, but it’s definetely there to compete with the beer-flavour.

My advice: Do try it. Make sure you are in the mood for it – and get yourself a decent Belgian chocolate (dark, preferably) to go with it. This will nicely underline the chocolate flavours in the beer.