Foodmet Market Anderlecht
The New Kid on The Block


There is a new market in town – right next to an old one. Fridays through Sundays, the area aroind the abattoirs, the slaughterhouses, in Anderlecht is filled with the colour, sound and overall chaos of the huge Anderlecht Abattoirs Market. For a couple of months now, the big old you-will-find-everything-here market has gotten a smaller, more well-behaved sibling: The Foodmet Food Market.


The Foodmet could be what will be bringing people to the Anderlecht Abattoir who don’t appreciate the intensitry (read: loudness, chaos) of the big market: This new market is inside, there are proper stalls and it is not quite as crowded. On the flipside, it’s also – naturally – not quite as exciting as the ‘proper’ Anderlecht market, which is a sight in itself, even if you don’t buy anything.


When we visited a couple of weeks ago, it seemed not quite finished and at full speed yet: Some stalls were empty, and there were not that many people inside – though the outside market was buzzing as usual.

All things considered, this will be one to watch: I, for one, am rather excited about the overall concept and it should be interesting to see how the Foodmet Food Market develops over the coming months and years.

Foodmet Food Market, Anderlecht Abattoirs, Brussels // Website

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