Fort Lapin 10
Strong Bunny Beer?


Our new beers are on the shelves at the end, I was told by the shopkeeper. After long deliberation I took the Fort Lapin quadrupel. I suppose I was influenced by the ”Playboy” bunny ears; Lapin is the French word for rabbit and fort means strong; so a strong bunny beer, after all it ‘s got 10,0% alc. Vol. It ought to be good.

Later research proved I was totally wrong.

The bunny ears are misplaced; a marketing ploy for dupes like me? The clue comes in the French grammar; descriptive adjectives, for the most part, come after the noun. Wikipedia quickly put me on the right track for the name.

Fort Lapin was a fortress in the north of Bruges, dating back to 1664. Today it relates to the area south of Sint Josef where the fort was, and today the brewery is, situated. The brewery was founded in 2011 by Kristof Vandenbussche; the first ”bunny” beer, Fort Lapin 8, came on the market early in 2012.

So what about Fort Lapin 10?

Maybe it was the bunny ears, but I expected more from this beer, which, at best, proved to be a very average quadrupel. Pours a darkish brown with a light tan head. Sweet alcohol aroma which didn’t seem to promise too much.

It lived up to this expectation; overly honey sweet malt taste which virtually killed off any spiciness, very light bitter and, for a quadrupel, on the thin side. Not a beer I shall rush out to buy again!