Fresh & You
Healthy Lunch in the EU-district

If asked where to go for lunch in Brussels I probably wouldn’t recommend the EU-district around Place Schuman first. The restaurants here are more expensive than elsewhere and not all of them are worth a try. However, some of us can’t avoid eating their lunch in this area.
So far we have written about some favourites – the Italian restaurant Positano or the Spicy Grill, an Indian place. These restaurants are “proper” restaurants – it might not be the perfect solution if you are looking for  a quick bite.

If you are bored of the (fantastic) chain Exki, why not give Fresh & You a try. It isn’t far from Schuman, in the Avenue de Cortenbergh 134. If you like to eat healthy food, then this is THE place for you! There is a huge list of freshly prepared Sandwiches to choose from. And of course there are loads of salads too. So if you are still trying to get into Bikini-shape, you won’t have to sin here.

Personally, I looooovve grilled vegetables i.e. aubergine, peppers, courgette. Here you can eat them in a sandwich, in a crusty ciabatta or – if you are a health buff – in a wholemeal bun. (I would recommend the ciabatta though.) Obviously, being in the EU-district, the prices are slightly higher than elsewhere. The sandwiches range between 4 and 7 Euros, the salads are a bit more pricey but very reasonable for Brussels standards. (Approx 11 Euro.) They have a couple of hot dishes – great pasta – as well.

I also like the interior design – all is held in wood. You can choose between the bar tables with stools or usual tables. Another plus: the staff here is really friendly. A friend of mine goes there regularly –  they always greet her like a long lost friend.

If you dont find the time to go there – they have an online-store too!

Fresh & You, Avenue de Cortenbergh 134, Brussels // Website