Friterie on Georges Henri
Take your Fries to the Park


When we were on our way to try the fries at Chez Fernand, next to Parc Georges Henri, we spotted a second friterie on the way, just a couple of blocks down Avenue Georges Henri. We didn’t get off the Bus (lines 27 or 80 will get you there from Merode or Montgomery), but we vowed to come back at the try this small, apparently nameless, friterie as well.

Now we did, and the results are mixed.

The first impression was positive: A no-nonsense, very unfancy, old-school friterie. A shack, basically, with a couple of small tables and a counter with some barstools that looked very much like they had come from IKEA.

The fries looked good, and this impression would later be backed up by taste: Nice texture, well and thickly cut; a bit too greasy, mabye, but still a very solid choice. Tastewise they rank even a bit higher on our liste than Chez Fernand did.

Still, we left not only with fries, but also a grumbling feeling in our tummies: The service was very unfriendly, which, at a place like this, means something, since a healthy dose of unfriendliness at a friterie is usually filed under “charming”.

Not here, at least not when we were visiting: The guy seemed more occupied with talking to other guests (his buddies? regular customers?) than dealing with us or our fries.

Now, we can handle being ignored; our fries couldn’t. Half of them were without salt – while the other half was very, very, very much in-salted, if you pardon the pun. In fact, they were so salty, that we had throw half of the cornet away – a first during all of our (many!) frites-tasting experiences in Brussels.

If you feel lucky, give it at go – but make sure you keep an eye on the guy handling the salt!

Friterie, Avenue Georges Henri 253, Brussels // No Website

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  1. Very Hungry Explorer (@VHungryExplorer)

    Oh no! This is the Friterie we always go to, I love the frites from here. It’s always a young Polish guy who serves us when we go in the evening, is that who you had?

    1. Philipp

      Could be; he was young-ish and he seemed to be speaking what I could only classify as an Eastern language, which could easily have been Polish.

      I guess you’ve had better experiences there?

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