Friterie De Corte
Occasionaly on Place Sainte-Catherine


Place Sainte-Catherine is always worth a visit: Apart from the Christmas and summer-time markets, there are many restaurants, most of them catering to your seefood- and mussels-needs like the famous Mer du Nord. And, if you are lucky, you will find the Frites stall  “De Corte”. 

On our mission to find the best fries in Brussels, we had to enter them into the competition. To make it quick: They were not winners.

The fries were ok, nothing special, not even better than in your average restaurant. I had the feeling they were not fried long enough – and they certainly did not seem to be fried twice as they are at other friteries, like Maison Antoine.

The lively atmosphere at Place Sainte-Catherine is certainly a plus. That said, I don’t think you can take the frites into the surrounding bars or restaurants (like you can at places at Place Jourdan like the First, L’Autobus or Chez Bernard). And although they have some stand-up bistro tables, there are no tables to sit down here like they have at Friterie Clementine at St. Job in Uccle.

Overall, I would suggest going there if you are in town and fancy some frites urgently. Otherwise, stick to Mer du Nord while you are on Place Sainte-Catherine and find your fries elsewhere.


De Corte, sometimes in front of St. Catherine church, also at fairgrounds // No website

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  1. Michelle JR

    Thanks for the heads up – I shan’t bother with that Friterie then! I had some delicious frites the other day at the little friterie on Avenue Georges Henri… have you tried those?

    1. philipp

      Haven’t tried the one on Av Georges Henri yet – is it Cher Fernand?

  2. David

    Thanks for the info. This site is simply great, despite the not-so-great-outcome, do you still recall price and quantity of the fries at Place Sainte-Catherine?

    1. philipp

      The quantity was ok, though it wasn’t as big as a big portion from Antoine. Price was pretty much standard, somwhere aroung 2.50/3.50 euro if I remember correctly.

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