Friture de la Chapelle
Chips next to the Church


Living virtually next door to Maison Antoine at Place Jourdan  it really is an effort to go anywhere else for Frites. But being curious helps! While queuing  for Frites for 35 minutes on a Sunday at Place Jourdan (the tourists had been let loose), I discovered an article in the window. It was a Frites-Ranking. It was already a bit old, judging by the colour of the newspaper article. But who cares? The ranking listed Maison Antoine as the number one Friterie in Brussels. (What a surprise – it was hanging in their window!) Number 2 was the Fritkot at Place de la Chapelle

So a couple of days later we ventured out to try their Fries. What can I say? The queue was a lot shorter. Maybe this was due to the location or the time of day. Although: It was 7 pm, so kind of Frites-Time. The prices are exactly the same as those at Maison Antoine. (normal portion: 2,20. large portion: 2,50) But I must say: The large portion at Place Jourdan definitely is bigger.

The Frites were yummy. We saw them being made freshly. Here, at Place de la Chapelle, they only do small batches, whereas Maison Antoine is so popular that they fry huge amounts, so there are always Frites on the go. That meant we had to wait a while. Instead of coming in a paper cone the Frites were served in a paper dish. Not bad, but I prefer the authentic style. The Fries were softer than those at Maison Antoine. A wee bit too soft for my liking. I like the crunchier ones. The atmosphere was nice, sitting on a bench outside the church. However, again, Maison Antoine wins, as you can eat your Frites in the nearby bars on Place Jourdan. I didn’t discover this at Fritkot.

I don’t know whether you can call it a downside: But Fritkot doesn’t have any wine. The only alcolic drinks they serve is Jupiler (beer). But personally, I think Diet Coke goes best with fries anyway. I had my glass of Rosé when I got home!

Friture de la Chapelle, Place de la Chapelle, Brussels // No Website

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