Friture Charles
Old-School Chips-Shop at Stockel


Recently we published our Best Fries in Brussels-ranking, giving you our personal opinion on Fritkots that we have tried in Brussels. Now we decided it is time to find some more Friteries – further from the town centre.

During a sunny lunch break we took the metro to Stockel to visit the Friterie Charles on Place Dumon. This is the big car park just outside the Stockel station, the one that turns into a market square on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

The Friterie has a very friendly atmosphere: An old school menu (think bold letters), a stripy marquise. We were served by a young bloke – either the son or apprentice of the friendly lady who was in charge of frying.

We ordered two batches of large fries and had them on a bench nearby. So how were they? As they were still piping hot I had the feeling that they were still “wet” when we opened the parcel. However, after a minute they dried off – the outside turned crisp, giving you the typical crunch with a soft inside. The fries are made with beef fat and fried twice. The Belgian way – but not all fritures stick to it.

The portions were a good size. The fries, however, were thinner than others we have had. But looks don’t really count, do they? The downside is that there are no tables and chairs. So only come here if the weather is fine and you are prepared to sit on a wall, on the one bench or have your fries on the go.

Definitely worth a try if you have had enough of the usual Fritures.

Friture Charles, Place Dumon (Stockel), Brussels // Facebook-Page

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