Friday Lunch with Food-Trucks


Do you know the special feeling: Waking up on a Friday morning thinking “Yippee, it’s weekend soon!” lot of people seem to be in a better mood when Friday comes along. Now there is an even better reason to be happy on Fridays: the outdoor lunchbreak food event FRUNCH.

It is situated in the heart of town, in the courtyard of the BIP, House of the capital region on Place Royale. Basically FRUNCH is a mini-food festival. Three to four food trucks are on site – they change every week, so you just have to show up and see what you fancy! It’s on every Friday lunchtime (12 – 2.30pm) until the end of September.


The season only kicked-off recently, at the end of april. We enjoyed – once again – a good burger from the food truck Urban Cook. But we could have had Tacos or Bagels too. The organisers try to make sure that there is a good selection that suits each taste and diet. (There is always a vegetarian option.)


There is a bar as well –  with very reasonably priced drinks. What could be better than washing a burger down with a nice chilled glass of white wine in the sunshine?


To make you feel comfortable there are plenty tables and chairs, some deckchairs and also a DJ to get you into the right, chilled-out mood!

Beware: You might not want to relax to much, if you have to go back to work in the afternoon!

Frunch @ BIP (Every Friday), Rue Royale 2-4, Brussels // Facebook-Page