Gelateria Il Monello
Where Chocolate meets Orange

monello3When it comes to ice cream we tend to be on the lazy side. For a restaurant we will head across town to a different district, but when we just want a great scoop we normally just go to a Gelateria in the vicinity i.e. Il Gelato (by Prego) on Place Jourdan or, if we are more adventurous, we might get our energy up to go to Capoue on the corner of place Flagey. Both ice creams are good (as you can read in the posts), but routine does get boring after a while.

So recently we decided to give ourselves a push and head over to Place Stephanie for a tasty scoop. We have heard and read a lot about them – but whenever we are at Place Stephanie we are usually full. (I.e. after a meal in the Chatelain district for example at Le Chou de Bruxelles or La Piola.)


It was a lovely hot day and, to be honest, I actually would have preferred a nice cold lemonade when we arrived there all sweaty. A nice fruity ice cream was the alternative. Lemon or melon, melon or Lemon? I couldn’t quite make up my mind and then went for melon. The ice cream was good, great texture. But the flavour wasn’t too intense. I have had better melon ice cream. This isn’t to say that we didn’t like Il Monello. Philipp had Chocolate-Orange and is still raving (and I think dreaming) about it. Both flavours were well balanced. He paired it with lemon – personally, I don’t think chocolate and lemon match, but that’s the great thing about ice cream. Eat it as you like it. The plus side for me was that I could have some lemon ice cream, although I had decided against it.


Il Monello is a real Gelateria, meaning it caters for people to come and eat an ice cream coupe or even ice-cream cake and semi-frozen Macarons. The ideal family outing. Unfortunately, if you buy your ice cream in a cone you can’t sit down inside. However, there are a bench and a couple of tables outside. This is the only downside of Il Monello: Once you head outside, you are out on the street. Place Stephanie may sound like a romantic square by name, but it is more a major crossing! So best to bag that bench outside the door and then head over to Louise for some shopping.

Gelateria Il Monello, Chaussee de Charleroi 31, Brussels // Website

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  1. Roberta Maretti

    Dear Emily,
    Thank you very much for your review about our gelateria.
    I am glad to read your friend Philipp is raving for our chocorange and that you had the chance to taste our lemon and melon sorbets.
    Since we use fresh fruits for our sorbets and we do not add any enhancers for the taste, it is possible that the melon was not “pungent” enough.
    I must correct you on one thing though… It is definitely possible to eat the ice cream on a cone even inside. The only difference is the price, take away vs. at the table. I apologize for any misunderstandings you might have had when you visited us.
    I sincerely hope we will have the pleasure of welcoming you back soon…maybe this time, since it is quite cold outside, you could try one of our waffles 🙂
    Kind regards,

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