Glacier Framboisier Doré
Popular Place, Watery Ice-Cream


After trying the Il Gelato on Place Jourdan, we were in the mood to go for another ‘classical’ ice cream instead of Ben & Jerry’s again. So, inspired by this post about ice cream in Brussels on the great BestOfBrusselsBlog, we went to Rue du Bailli to see for ourselves how the Glacier/Framboisier Dore would compare to Il Gelato.

To cut a long story short: We didn’t think it was a trip worth taking.

It’s a nice little shop, the service was quite friendly, the prices were pretty standard for Brussels and they had a decent variety of flavours. So what was wrong then, you ask?

Well … I am afraid there’s no other way to say it: The ice cream itself was rather tasteless.

It had a watery texture to it, which a) didn’t taste as creamy as you would expect and b) didn’t taste of much at all. It took us some time to distinguish between the different flavours, and if one of them had not had ginger in it, I am not sure we would have known which was which at all.

Since many others seem to have enjoyed their ice cream at the Glacier/Framboisier Dore, we’ll file this one under ‘bad hair day’ and give it another chance soon …

Glacier Framboisier Doré, Rue du Bailli 35, Brussels // No Website

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