Goupil le fol
The perfect watering hole

goupillefolIf you walk past Goupil le fol in the daytime, you might be put off: Tucked away in the side street Rue de la Violette (Nr. 22) this bar looks like a bit of a rough place when the shutters are down. The opening hours also make it seem like a location where drunk partygoers end their evening. This may well be so. 3am is way past my bedtime, so I will never know 🙂  But what we do know:  You can definitely come here for a perfectly civilized drink – at a perfectly civilized time: i.e. Friday evening after dinner.

This is when we tried out this cluttered little place: We were drawn in straight away by all the antiques and gimmicks on the walls: Old LPs and LP covers and photos. We came here, as we had read about this place on other blogs (and in one or two guidebooks). In most texts people were raving about the house speciality:  sweet fruit wine. So after we had bagged one of the corner tables on the ground floor (think red velvet covered seats!) we had a look round.

And truly so: Everybody seemed to be drinking red or yellow drinks out of 0,3 glasses. (Somehow I had imagined more a fruit liquor served in small glasses.) We opted for one cherry and one raspberry “wine” and I must say were a bit disappointed. If you are not a great fan of sweet mixed drinks and prefer a good Belgian Trappist beer or a nice glass of red wine, then this isn’t the drink for you.

It reminded me more of juice – sweetened juice that is. For five Euros I would rather have had a beer. But no need to worry: Goupil le fol obviously serves the “usual” drinks too – so we will be back. And maybe next time we will even check out upstairs.

Only when we went to the restrooms did we notice that this bar is huge: Upstairs there are lots of sofas but with fewer decorations and more teenagers. I preferred the atmosphere downstairs!

Goupil le Fol, Rue de la Violette 22, Brussels // Website