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When I hear the word “museum-café” I usually am a bit sceptical. To me it always brings expensive prepacked sandwiches and overpriced coffee to mind. I would always much rather go elsewhere…

But recently I was “forced” (I was under time pressure and there weren’t many places nearby…) to try out a Café/Restaurant in a Museum – an experience that changed my mind. 
I am talking about the Green Kitchen in the BELvue Museum (just next to the royal palace). I had been to the museum before and had actually seen a salad bar out of the corner of my eye.
This time a went and had a closer look.

Better: First I had to queue up – I was there spot on 1 pm. The queue was a good sign. Hungry lunchers were ligning up for a salad bar – with a gread spread of food. Think green salad, salsas, tabouleh, lentilles, chicken, cheese, hams, anchovies, nuts, cranberries and lots more! I really was more than surprised.

There also was a hot dish at the buffet: sausages in a gravy sauce, pasta, croquettes, steamed veggies (But the cold foods definitely looked better.)

The prices (2,50€/100 g) were rather reasonable too. Your salad is weighed at the counter and as I am a (light) greens eater, i had a lovely dish for 8 Euro.

Also btw: Ask for a take-away box, then you can have lunch in the park!

Green Kitchen @ BELvue Museum, Place Royale 9, Brussels // Website

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  1. Very Hungry Explorer (@VHungryExplorer)

    I love the Green Kitchen – with the free Wifi, it’s a great place for a working lunch 🙂

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