Smoothies for hot and cold days


Let us introduce you to one of our favourite healthy treats in town: a smoothie (or juice) from the chain Guapa. As we love making juices and smoothies at home, it took us a while to try out this juice bar – but once we did, we became fans.

One of our favourites is the “Ginger Lemon Hottie”, a hot ginger-and-apple juice, with a nice taste of cinnamon. Yes, a hot juice sounds weird, but it is sooo good.

On hotter days we definitely would recommend a juice. Try one of their real health boosters: Beetroot, Cucumber, Spinach – you name it, at Guapa you can have almost anything in your juice!

The nice thing is, that you see them preparing your juice in front of you. Doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Note: These drinks are all take-away, they don’t really have a seating area. We mostly frequent Guapa on Rue du Baili and on Rue du Trône.

You can find a list of smoothies and shops on their website! Tipp: If you become a regular customer, get a members card to collect points!

Guapa, Rue du Trône 4, Brussels //

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  1. msjacksonrowe

    ooh – I could definitely go for the Banana Hot Choc, but I’m not sure that one falls into the weight-watching category!

  2. philipp

    You should make it a “Treat on Tuesday” then, instead of a “Weight-Watching Wednesday” 🙂

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