Guinguette 2015
Concerts at Maison des Arts in Schaerbeek


Looking for a great spot for your Friday lunchbreak? During the summer months FRUNCH at the BIP is a good option. But why not venture out to a more alternative spot? The Maison des Arts in Schaerbeek is currently hosting summer concerts. We went to their first concert of the Guinguette-Series early May, but there is one more today, 22nd May at 12:30, and another on Friday 29th.


Even if you are not into music it is worth giving this venue a try. The garden is absolutely lovely! You wouldn’t think that there is such a nice spot off the Chaussée de Haecht. At the entrance to the park is the cute little restaurant, the Estaminet de la Maison des Arts. They serve some fantastic food to go with your concert.


When we went we had a Plat du Jour. For 8 Euros we enjoyed lovely red-rice-salad, mint-lemon-hummus, a savoury carrot cake and crusty bread. We ate it in the garden. Unfortunately we were too late to bag a table – but we were fine with the plate on our lap, you can also spread out on one of the picnic blankets that are supplied.


Unfortunately the concerts are only special events – why don’t they host them every Friday in the summer? But luckily the Estaminet is open all year round. It definitely is worth visiting.

Maison des Arts and L’Estaminet, Chaussée de Haecht 147, Brussels //