Maybe the most magical place near Brussels


Tis the season! No, it isn’t Christmas – it is the season for the magnificent Hallerbos just on the outskirts of Brussels!

Well, technically you can go there any time of the year for lovely walks but it has become famous for its carpet of bluebells. (Personally I consider them to be purple.)  They are in bloom NOW – so if you can, try to find time for a walk in the woods in the next couple of days!


We went there on Sunday already expecting there to be a lot of people. To say it was quiet would definitely be an understatement. But the woods are huge so it isn’t too bad. It is wise to do your homework before you go. There are several walks to choose from: For those who fancy to stay on the large path, easy for pushchairs and wheelchairs, you can take the 1,8 km “Achtdreven” route.

However, we chose the bluebell route – it is 7 km long and  leads you through the nicest bluebell patches. (Our friends actually had their 18 month year old child with them and we managed most of it with the buggy, but you will nead a sturdy one!) It isn’t signposted but you can print off a map here.


Situated slightly on the outskirts of Brussels it is wise to go there by car, especially on the weekend. During the week there is a  good bus connection, on the weekends it is less frequent. The directions are all on the Hallerbos-Website. (Note: Many people “panic” and park on the main road, thinking there aren’t any carparks in the woods. But there are, so you can drive right up. Check it out on the map.)

It is definitely wise to check the website before you go as they give you an exact update how the Bluebells are coming along.  So if you can’t make it this year, put it down in your diaries for next year and monitor the progress from the beginning of April onwards. (Normally they bloom in the second half of April.)

It is worth the planning!