Hard Rock World Burger Tour
Take a delicious trip around the Globe


I love burgers, and I eat a lot of them. And while I am generally more than happy with a classic combination of bun, meat, cheese and bacon (salad and tomatoes are considered optional), I do appreciate it when there’s something a little different, a bit exotic, maybe, on the menu.

That would apply, for instance, to the Speedy Gonzales at Rachel’s, or to the Hard Rock Café’s “World Burger Tour” that is happening right now, and for a limited time only.


If you have ever had a burger at one of the many Hard Rock Cafés, you might have noticed the system on the menu: There are a few standard burgers, which are available in all the Hard Rock Cafés; and then there is the so-called Local Legendary, which is only available in one particular Café/city. In Brussels, for example, the Local Legendary features Belgian cheese and ham as a local touch.

So what’s this about a World Burger Tour? It’s simple: Until the end of June you can taste the Local Legendaries from four other countries: Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Dubai, Guatemala City, and Miami (USA), which were recently invited to try.


The Vietnamese burger was nice, but not too exciting for my tastebuds; with the other three, it was a different story.

Now, I have been on dates eating a burger; but Dates in a burger? That was new. And exciting. And a great taste for one – no, make that two – little sliders. And then it got a bit too sweet. Still: A nice, refreshing touch.


Next up: The Marimba Burger from Guatemala. A solid, tasty burger – topped with bean puree and tortilla bits. (Note that the picture above shows the actual size; the ones at the top are sliders, the smaller version, which we got to try.) Again: A very nice touch and something a little different.

My favourite, though, was by far the Cuban Burger from Miami. Pulled Pork as the final topping on an already great burger? You had me at Pulled Pork!


When you go, no matter where you are seated, make sure to go upstairs and get at least a sneak peek of the view from the second floor – you might have never seen the Grand Place from such a nice angle from above.

A side note regarding drinks: There was an Old Fashioned on offer that had an exotic touch in itself – a piece of bacon in the cocktail. I repeat: Bacon. In. The. Cocktail. Nice, right?

Hard Rock Café Brussels, Grand Place 12, Brussels // Website

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