Hard Rock Cafe
Touristy, yes - but great Burgers


42 years ago today (June 14th), the first Hard Rock Cafe was born in London (more about the history here). Since then, Cafes, Shops, hell: even Hotels and Casinos of the Hard Rock brand have opened around the world.

To celebrate this year’s Hard Rock Birthday, Manneken Pis will be wearing his special Hard Rock  costume (a HRC t-shirt and a guitar). And we want to give you our review of the HRC Brussels.  

There’s no need describing the place itself. The Brussels franchise is like any other Hard Rock Cafe – except, maybe, for the location. Situated directly at the Grand Place, it could not be more in the heart of the city – or the tourist district.

Which leads us directly to our first piece of advice: If you can avoid it, don’t go there on a Friday or Saturday or before/on a major holiday. The place is bound to be even more packed than usual then. Even on a normal weekday it would be smart to get there rather early in the evening, which means before seven. We went there one Wednesday night at seven and were the last people to get a table straight away without having made a reservation in advance. Five minutes later, people were told they had to wait for 50 minutes to get a table.

Also, be prepared to be seated at the bar if you are going there for drinks only. Which, by the way, is fine, since they have lovely (if at 9+ € a bit pricey) cocktails. The real treat, though, is the food.

If you love burgers, this is the place to be. Our favourite: The hickory bbc burger, which comes with caramelized onions, bacon and barbecue sauce. The chips are also quite good, which, as you know, is rather important in Belgium.

Not in the mood for a burger? Why not go for a sandwich, then!

They might not sound that spectacular, but are delicious nonetheless. Our favourite: The South Carolina. Chicken has not been the tasty in a while!

Enjoy – and rock on!

Hard Rock Cafe, Grand Place, Brussels, // www.hardrock.com/cafes/brussels/

(picture via HRC Brussels)