Taverne de L’Homme Bleu
Relax with a beer in La Hulpe


Looking for a destination to go on a weekend-outing? Why not give La Hulpe a try?! Maybe you have already heard about the lovely little chateau to the south of Brussels (Wallonie-Brabant).  It is one of the favourite outing places of people living in Brussels.

Why? First: Because there is a lovely little castle. (Please don’t think Loire-Valley-type-Chateau. It is a bit smaller!) Unfortunately the castle isn’t open to the public, but the grounds are: There are some extremely vast lands to go for extended walks. Plus you will find a small exhibition centre and a café with a lovely terrace: The Taverne de l’homme bleu.  It wouldn’t be Belgium, if the people were drinking coffee: Most guests were enjoying a cold beer and the spring sunshine when we went there. The taverne does small snacks, think Croque Monsieur, too.

La Hulpe is a fantastic place to take dogs and kids, and a great spot for a picnic. The only downside is that it isn’t that easy to reach by public transport, so you might be wise to take the car. You can find a reasonably sized carpark near the main entrance and parking alongside the main road. (However, they might get a bit full on hot summer days!!! Apparently there is another car park at the rear entrance.) The park is open till about nine in the summertime.

Taverne de L’Homme Bleu, Drève de la Ramée 6B, La Hulpe // Website