Hong Kong Delight
Delightful indeed

Last week I wrote about Hong Hoa, the nice Vietnamese place we found near the Halles Saint-Gery . Back then I promised you a post on a further Asian restaurant in the area: Hong Kong Delight.

It’s in Rue Sainte-Catherine (#35), so it’s not all that difficult to find. (Just follow the signs for Sainte-Catherine square, it’s the main route to get there.) Keep your eyes open: You might not notice Hong Kong Delight at first, the place itself isn’t exactly eye-catching. But the food is.

That was actually the reason why we gave it a try. We saw some people tucking into Dim Sum and some kind of coconot-drink. It looked yummy, so we grabbed a table. (Note, the weather was fine and we could sit outside, inside the atmosphere isn’t all that nice. Paper place mats, neon lighting.)

We went for two teas (they have Pu Erh Tea!) and stirfried vegetables  plus sweet and sour chicken. The food was ok, perhaps not as good as it looked, but there was nothing to complain about really. It was reasonably healthy, seemed fresh and good value. (Definitely healthier than heading to all you can eat-ribs at Amadeo opposite!)

The dishes that came out of the kitchen for the other guests around us looked fine to.To sum up this place: Good for a sunny day, if you are fancying a cheap, quick, healthy dish. Not necessarily the ideal venue for a special occasion!

Hong Kong Delight, Rue Sainte-Catherine 35, Brussels // No Website