L’Horloge du Sud
An African Feast


There are a couple of restaurants on our personal “to-do-list” that we keep putting off – maybe because we are not quite sure what to expect. L’Horloge du Sud was one of them. We had passed it so often on our walks through Matongé and had noticed that it does get rather full – so there must be something to it. 

Then, one Saturday, we decided to try our luck. Luckily we got one of the last non-reserved tables and were served almost immediately by a friendly waitress.

The place had me as soon as I read the words “fried plantains”. (I love them!) We ordered a bowl full as a starter and then took our time to chose a dish.


This wasn’t an easy choice as L’Horloge du Sud has a large variety of dishes on the menu. No need to be worried that you won’t understand: Under the African name of each dish is an explanation in French and English – and of course the waitress will help you out.

We went for lamb in a rich chocolate sauce. The dishes don’t come with sides, so you will have to order those (between 2 and 3 euro). We had rice and sweet potatoes. Unfortunately we only saw the yams after we had ordered.


The portions didn’t look huge when they arrived but it turned out that we definitely had enough on our plate. (A very generous amount of meat in the stew!) We were even too full for pudding. Most of the desserts are fairly “standard” – however they do have one or two African sweets that I will try next time.


In the meantime I will do my homework on African food. Did anybody say “Yassa”, “Moambé” or “Maffé”?

By the way, if you fancy doing some African cooking at home make sure you try out the African shops on Chaussée de Wavre in Matongé.

L’Horloge du Sud, Rue du Trône 141, Brussels // Website