Horta-Lambeaux Pavillon
Hidden Gem in Parc Cinquantenaire


In a city filled with Victor Horta’s legacy, this work of his is bound to be overlooked: After all, it’s not one of the famous huge townhouses with their art noveau facades and their splendid intertior. It’s “only” a little pavillon in the corner of Parc Cinquantenaire.

Acutally, it’s quite a bit more. 

That’s because inside the pavillon, which was built from 1891 to 1897, there’s a marble relief created by Jef Lambeaux. It depicts humanity’s sins and pleasures, which is why the building is also dubbed “Temple of Human Passions”.

I am not usually that much into sculptures or the like, but I found this piece quite breathtaking. To be honest, I have never before seen anything quite like it. That it is shown in its own little pavillon instead of inside a museum adds to the atmosphere.

The pavillon has been closed for renovation works for a year and was re-opened only this weekend at the “Jour de Patrimoine”, Brussels’ heritage days. It will be open until October 26th and then again from March 28th 2015. See the website of the Cinquantenaire Museum for opening hours, ticket prices and some more history of the building.

Le Pavillon des Passions Humaines, Parc Cinquantenaire, Brussels // Website