Quirky Place for Great Burgers


We had a not-so-great Burger-experience at Ellis Burger recently. Well, every cloud has a silver lining: That day, after we decided to skip Ellis’ Burgers, we headed to Houtsiplou. Located on Place Rouppe, just off Boulevard Lemonnier, it’s not a place that you are likely to stumble upon – unless, that is, you are walking the Rue du Midi all the way from the city centre to Gare du Midi. 

So what did we find at Houtsiplou? First of all friendly staff and a playfully designed menu in a variety of languages, including English (a side note on the playfulness factor: the name Houtsiplou describes “an imaginary place in Belgium” …). Inside the place was packed, so we grabbed one of the outside tables. They are more-less on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, but as it is not a very busy area, that’s no problem.

On to the main event: The food. We had two classic burgers that were absolutely delicious from top to bottom. The meat was perfect in both the medium-rare and the well-done that we ordered – definitely a big plus and something that regularly goes wrong in other places. The burgers were not oversized, but even with a salad instead of the fries they were big enough.

One tiny little piece of critique: Starting at 14,80 € the burgers seemed to be a bit overpriced. It’s a couple of Euros more expensive than, say, the excellent burgers at Super Filles du Tram and more in the price category of Hard Rock Cafe, without matching their size (or the stylish interior, for that matter). Still, it’s definitely a place we are looking forward to coming back to.

Houtsiplou, Place Rouppe 9, Brussels // www.houtsiplou.be