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A tray full of treats

ici1As we are Brunch-Buffet lovers, it took us a  while to go to Ici for Brunch. On Sundays they do serve Brunch, however, you have to chose from two formules. One large for 23 Euros and one small for 15 Euros. For a long time this sounded a bit on the expensive side to us. We were reluctant to go. But then, after friends raved on and on about this place and promised us that we would leave full,  we decided to give it a go. We weren’t dissapointed. And have been back numerous times since.

What to expect: Ici is a rather small venue, just a view steps down from the Place Brugmann. If you are intending to go there for Brunch on Sunday is is essential to book a table. (Two slots: One starting at 11 am and one at 1 pm). The interior is rather nice – with a wooden bar area, wooden  tables and a huge blackboard. (Here you can see what they serve during the week.)


If you are two people we recommend going for a large and a small Brunch. Both come with a fried egg and all-you-can-eat bread and vienoisseries. These on their own would fill you up! There are many different types of bread (Philipp loves the nut-bread!) and also lots of Brioches, Pain au Chocolats and Croissants.


The small Brunch offer comes with a hot drink, fresh orange juice and a selection of hams and cheeses. The large one is very often served on a tray and it made up of a hot drink, an orange juice, 3 savoury and 3 sweet treats – all served it cute little bowls and jars.


The food changes every week so you just have to go with the flow. One time they will have little sausages, asparagus salad, lentils and minipancakes, fruit, cake. The next time it will be smoked salmon, goats cheese salad, quinoa, strawberries, joghurt and cake.  Whatever is on the menu you definitely will be full and happy when you leave!


As the location is rather small it can get a bit cramped. It gets better in the warmer months as ICI has additional seating outside. This is one of my favourite spots as you sit out on the pavement and can watch the locals walk by. Two hours go by so quickly!

ICI Epicerie Fine, 35 Rue Darwin, Brussels // Facebook-Page


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