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Best Speculoos Ice-Cream in Brussels?


Sometimes life works in funny ways. Walking home from town on a  fine day I had very strong ice-cream-cravings. I really fancied a big, creamy, soft and sweet ice-cream. Good quality stuff, served in a cone or a little take away cup. I admit, I was starting to get a bit grumpy because I couldn’t think of a decent ice-cream-parlour near my home (close to Place Jourdan). I was on my way to the Carrefour supermarket – no, I didn’t buy a tub of Ben and Jerry`s! – when I thought I was experiencing a fata morgana. There it was in front of me: Il Gelato (The place is actually called Prego!, but they sell I Gelato Ice-Cream). Suddenly I remembered: I had seen the building works take place. (Don’t ask me what was in this shop before, it can’t have been good otherwise I would remember.) I had even told friends about it, but had then completely forgotten. So I went home, grabbed Philipp and off we went for a try.

Trust us: The ice-cream is delicious! If you want a special treat, something unusual and pleasantly different, go for the Speculoos-flavour. It is so good one would like to swim in a bathtub full of it!

The prices obviously were Eu-district-style: 5,60 Euro for three flavours. But my ice-cream made me very happy – and this feel-good-effect was worth every penny.

See you at Place Jourdan!

Il Gelato @ Prego!, Place Jourdan 58, Brussels 

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  1. Anna Claire

    I had ice cream craving on Tuesday, as well, I meant to go to Glazier Zizi but because I got pizza with friends, we went to Il Gelato in Uccle instead to keep the Italian theme going… so perfect for this gross hot humid days we’ve been having!

    1. philipp

      How did you like the Il Gelato in Uccle? Is it worth making the trip from the city?

      1. Anna Claire

        Honestly, yes! And it’s right down the same street from Cosi Com’E, which was probably the most marvelous pizza on a quiet square that I’ve ever had in Bruxelles. A good night of great Italian.

        1. philipp

          Sounds good! We will have to see for ourselves :-)

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