Il Sorriso
Bella Italia in Etterbeek

In Etterbeek you can get your pizza-fix at several places: At Mama Roma on Place Jourdan for example (post following soon!) or at Pizza Liloo. The latter is one of my personal favourites due to the down-to-earth-interior and the ever so friendly service. And of course, for anyone near the parliament, there is Positano too. However, there also are a couple of other places close by.

Today let me introduce you to the restaurant Il Sorriso (Av. Général Leman 44). This place matches any image of a “typical Italian restaurant”: Red and white table cloths, Italian speaking waiters (they did speak French together, though.) A woodfire-oven in the window and a long list of pizzas on the menu. 

It was after lunch, nearly 2 am, when we got there and we were the only costumers. The waiter was friendly, however, it was a bit odd that he offered us the table directly next to the laptop (it was perched on one of the tables), even though  the rest of the place was empty. Although there were sideplates and little butterpots on the table, we didn’t get any bread while waiting. But I have experienced this before at Italian restaurants when ordering only pizza.

The pizzas were good. I would mark them with a solid 7 out of 10. The dough was thin, the crust soft, the size adequate. The toppings were fresh and I must admit I have seen vegetarian pizzas with less veg on them. Note: If you want a vegetarian pizza you will have to ask for one. It isn’t on the menu.

After us a single man came into the restaurant. He ordered a pizza Quattro-Formaggi – that is a pizza with four different types of cheese. How a waiter can get these two pizzas muddled up, I don’t know. This is what happened: Philipp had his pizza set down in front of him. Mine, clearly the vegetarian one, was put in front of the elderly man. He looked puzzled, didn’t say anything but you could read his mind: Since when is cheese green and leafy?I even asked the waiter where my pizza was. Instead of then realising the mistake, he said mine was coming. It took the old man to complain for the pizza to be put in the correct place. I know this can happen but it seemed a bit careless considering the place was virtually empty. (The two waiters seemed more interested in the laptop.)

I think we probably will go there again if we are nearby and in the mood for pizza. Liloo is only open in the evening. But we might also just go and try Il Veliero on the other side of the road.

Il Sorriso, Rue General Leman 44, Brussels // No Website

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  1. Mimmo

    I never tried this one, but about Positano, as an Italian I can tell you is not more than a 4.
    A good pizza around is La Brace, on the other side of Schuman (I don’t remember the address right now). It seems a place for tourists (they sing songs and things like this), but pizza is very good. Try their Cannoli Siciliani.

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