The hidden Japanese restaurant


If you are a fan of Japanese food, you really can’t complain while in Brussels. Over the last couple of years quite a few places have popped up – Menma and Kokuban are among our favourites. Although we probably never will get over the loss of Yamato (what an exceptional place!).

And we are constantly trying to track down more great places. (Please note: When we talk about Japanese restaurants we mean more than just a Sushi Bar. Although we love them too! Post on Makisu will be coming soon.)

Izakaya is probably one of the most hidden restaurants in town.


It is situated on Chaussee de Vleurgat – in the heart of Ixelles and only a stone throw away from Place Flagey. We must have walked past it hundred times without noticing it.

Finally, after doing some research on Japanese restaurants in town, we discovered it – and also found out, that they have a very reasonably lunch menu. Now you might think, that a restaurant in a scruffy building with a broken sign above the door (it doesn’t say Izakaya but Furo-Ya) might not get crowded. Well, you are wrong.


At lunchtime the place gets rather packed. But if you are just two people you probably will find a seat at the counter. Personally my favourite spot, as you can watch the cooks as they prepare the food.


At lunch time they offer a range of different dishes for about 12 Euro, the Sashimi is slightly more. You can chose from Ramen, grilled fish, stirfrys and bento boxes.


All are served with little starters: Miso soup and pickled vegetables. And tea: A huge thermal flask is set before you and will last you for your meal.


Unfortunately we haven’t been to the restaurant in the evening yet. But it can hardly be any better than a lunchtime – with the great buzz and the superb food for a very reasonable price.

Izakaya, Chaussee de Vleurgat 123, Brussels // No website