Jack O’Shea Chophouse
A Meat Lovers Brunch


Sausage and a good steak aren’t necessarily breakfast/brunch staples – and I wouldn’t expect them on my breakfast tray or at a hotel buffet. However, when one of Brussels most renowned butchers – Jack O’Shea – is offering a meat lovers brunch, even I can be persuaded to give it a try. (As the brunch doesn’t start till 12 pm you could also just call it “lunch” and that makes the thought of eating a pile of meat a lot easier.)

Jack O’Shea has become rather popular over the last couple of years. When we arrived in Brussels four years ago they only had one outlet – in the EU district. Strategically well chosen for all of those Expats. (The staff there  speaks English so you can order your cuts without worrying about a language problem.)


In late 2014 they branched out and opened a further butcher shop in the centre of town and also a restaurant, the Jack O’Shea Chophouse. At first they went with a classical brunch buffet (apparently with sweet treats too), however, they changed their concept rather soon. Now there is a dish called “Butcher’s Brunch” on the Sunday menu – basically a pan filled with goodies: A cut of the day (in our case a lovely steak), small sausages, black pudding (a large Boudin Noir), bacon, baked beans, hash browns, grilled tomatoes, bread and egg. Unfortunately, when we were there they had run out of eggs. (We were the first customers though!) Apparently they had already broken them all for scrambled egg so we couldn’t choose fried eggs – a shame really.


The price is rather steep at 35 Euro (excluding drinks). However, if you consider that you get a portion of really good meat it is worth it once in a while. Don’t come here every Sunday as you probably will end up poor and with a cholesterol problem. Also, don’t bring vegetarians!


The restaurant is stylish – modern but also with lots of wood. I think it is more suitable as a restaurant than as a brunch place. Personally I prefer it cosy like at Ici or La Fabrique.

Jack O’Shea Chophouse, Rue St. Catherine 32, Brussels // Website