JAT Café
Jazzy Joint near Porte de Namur

Porte de Namur is a great area to spend a morning or afternoon: You will find all the main shopping chains (H&M, Zara, Mango for clothes, Casa or Hema for Interior Design-Nicnacs and of course Leonidas and Neuhaus to get your next chocolate supply.)

But until now I hadn’t found a comfortable café nearby. There is the Exki which has a nice lounge area on the first floor – but that gets a bit boring after a while. Now we have discovered a new place: JAT on Rue de Namur 28.  (The name means coffee-cup in Dutch, I think.)

The place has quite a reasonable size – we even found a seat by the window, although it was a Sunday and busy. There are a  couple of magazines to browse in and the selection of food and drinks ist quite good. Cakes, Bagels, Fresh Fruit Juices and Iced Coffee Drinks.

I am looking forward to getting my coffee fix there in the warmer months! Until then we will enjoy the hot beverages: And the little biscuits that come with your drink.

I particularly appreciated that they serve real milk to put in your Coffee Americano. A downside, however, was: they weren’t prepared to give me a glass of tap water with my coffee. But that really is a minor point of criticism.

Definitely a good tip if you are in the area! Enjoy.

JAT Café, Rue de Namur 28, Brussels // Facebook-Page