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The great Ramen-place Yamato on Place Boniface introduced me to Japanese Ramen. Unfortunately it closed down a while ago leaving us, as regular costumers, hunting for a new place. After eating at Menma (post to follow) near the Cimitière d’Ixelles I tried out a new place: Kokuban. This Japenese restaurant is only for those who do their homework: It is tucked away in Ixelles, just a short walk away from Place Flagey.


I had seen their menu online and was looking forward to this place all day. Unlike small Ramen-Bars (such as Yamato and Menma) this is a big restaurant with a large menu. Not always a good thing for me, as it takes me a while to order.


My friend and I were quick on choosing the starters. I had to have the seaweed-salad. I am addicted to this stuff! We also went for Edamame and you can’t really go to a Japanese restaurant without having Gyozas.


Choosing a main course – a soup – was rather difficult. I was feeling adventurous. I went for the Soba-Noodles in a fish soup, while my friend had a more classic Ramen. The food was delicious, fresh and greatly composed. Mine had the softest fried tofu in it, fish, noodles and Shitake mushrooms.

It was a great change, however, next time I will go for a more classic dish. If you don’t like the soups there also are plenty of other dishes i.e fish and even some salads.


We were full – we couldn’t even finish the soups -, but my friend insisted on dessert as she loves the little icecream-dough-balls. The green tea flavour was fantastic!


This restaurant is only open in the evenings. No reservations are possible here. It is good to get to Kokuban before 8pm.

Rue Vilain XIIII 53-55, Brussels // www.kokuban.be

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