La Boussole
Belgian Classics near St. Catherine

Do they really eat Mussels with Chips? That’s disgusting!

I am quoting a friend of mine here.

Well actually: IT IS NOT. Ok, for those of you who are used to Mussels in posh restaurants (not me!) or in a nice seaside shack while you were on of your summer holidays, the chips might seem… well… a little bit weird. But the moment you arrive in Belgium you will realise: It is their national dish here. (Or at least one of them.) And once you have tried the combo you will also know: It’s really yummy!!

Unfortunately, Philipp isn’t a fan of Mussels. So we had to wait for our visitors until we got round to going to the fish restaurant. (They had read their guidebook and were eager to try THE famous dish.) I had had it all planned out: I wanted to go to a place the guidebook recommended at St. Catherine…until I found out that it was closed. Actually, a lot of the fish restaurants around St. Catherine are closed on Sundays. But then, quite by chance, we found a quaint little place: La Boussole. (Brandhoutkaai 61).

And yes, they did have Moules Frites! So in we went (we recommend reserving a table) and were ready to enjoy. I didn’t waste any time looking at the men. The men, however, browsed and then opted for lamb. (Which by the way was excellent, too.) The service was a bit stressed, there only seemed to be the owner and one waitress-girl working that night. We had to wait a while for the drinks and they got them mixed up. However, the girl was appologetic and friendly although I was a bit bitchy. As an amuse gueule they served a lovely, creamy sweet-potatoe-soup. (Don’t worry, this isn’t a posh place, just a friendly one) and some little bread rolls.

My mussels came in the traditional metal pot, a generous portion…. but not big enough for me. (I am a moules-freak! Can eat 100.) My mother only had a half portion of moules. But that was a good sized portion, too. If you are not a big eater – or if you want to clear up all the chips! There were different sauces to choose from. (They didn’t tell us that. We had to ask.) I chose white wine sauce. Lovely. If you like your veggies with your Moules opt for the Provence-Sauce. That comes with little chopped up vegetables in a tomato-based sauce with french herbs. Delicieuse!

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