La Corde a Linge
For Summer Evenings in Strasbourg

Strolling throught the quarter of Petite France in Strasbourg, it is almost impossible not to notice La Corde a Linge. It’s located at the riverfront and in the summertime its tables occupy half of Place Benjamin Zix. When we walked past one sunny summer afternoon, all the tables were filled and there was a queue of people waiting for others to leave so they could be seated. Naturally, we had to see for ourselves what the fuzz was all about.

We had to wait for a good 20 minutes, but let me tell you straight away: It was worth it. Sitting outside in such a nice part of town so close to the water is a treat in itself. So we did not really mind that the waiters kept us waiting for quite some time – we just sat there and enjoyed the view and the evening sun.

The food was enoyable, too. We tried the traditional Alsatian Choucroute (Sauerkraut, “sour cabbage”), but not as “Chocroute garnie”, which comes with different kinds of meat and sausages, but with meatballs instead. The Sauerkraut was delicious – it seemed to have been gently fried – and the mustard sauce it came with was just as good.

The salads were good too – but unless you had your Choucroute the night before at the Choucrouterie, there is no excuse not to try it here with the meatballs.

La Corde a Linge, Place Benjamin Zix 2, Strasbourg //