La Fabrique
Lavish Brunch at the Weekend


We are Brunch fans. And when we talk about Brunch most of the time we mean a brunch-buffet, not necessarily a formule. (A set brunch menu containing different dishes.) And we are not talking about Hotel breakfast buffets (pricey and only limited to certain hours.) We mean nice cafés and restaurants that decide to put on a nice spread at the weekend.

In Brussels brunch buffets aren’t that easy to find. Over the past couple of years a few new offers have popped up i.e. at Les Filles and Oma and our latest discovery La Fabrique.

La Fabrique is a spacious (for Belgian standards) café in the Chatelain area (Rue Américaine 122). We had heard fellow bloggers and friends talk about it, so we wanted to go and see for ourselves. Our first try to go there was on a Sunday. When we phoned to reserve the waitress told us, that we could have one of the last tables and that we would have to chose a slot, either between 11am and 1pm or between 1 and 3 pm. That put us off – a bit. No: a lot. There is nothing worse than knowing that you have a deadline. Somehow we just can’t relax. (And we like to relax when going out for brunch. Think: Reading papers and getting up once in a while to get more foooood!) We ended up not going.

Our second try was far more successful. We went on a Saturday. There was no mention of a time slot. We got there at 11 am (the brunch officially starts at 11 am but you can come from 10:30 onwards) and felt – well – a bit as if we had landed in a food paradise: Up on the counter were your usual breakfast foods: Muesli and other cereals, Milk, Yoghurt, Fruit (2 fruit salads, one with rhubarb, mango and passion fruit), bread: brown and white baguette and different breads. Then came a cheese board and a ham platter, which were followed by savoury foods. La Fabrique hat about 8 different salads on offer (pumpkin-carrot salad, beetroot salad, soybean-salad, pasta salad, tomato salad, aubergine salad. Every type of vegetable seemed to be there.) There were hot dishes, too. For those who like their brunch to be more lunch. And one of my favourites: the omelette and crepes station! Nothing sweet, you are thinking? Oh, there was plenty for those with a sweet tooth: Four different cakes and a whole range of breakfast jams and spreads (salty-caramel, speculoos, chocolate…) Also worth mentioning: Filtered water, infused with slices of lemon is free! (Rather unusual in Belgium.)


We had reserved, nevertheless we were allowed to pick a table of our liking. There were only a  handful of people there. We ordered tea – served in cute teapots – and began to dig in. It was yummy and very hard to find any points to criticize. One tiny thing though. There weren’t any croissants or pain au chocolats, no Brioche either. They would have been faboulous with all those great spreads!

Our meal at La Fabrique probably was one of the best brunches we’ve had in Brussels. However, we both agreed that it is a bit on the pricey side. At 25 Euro (without drinks) it is a bit steep. (It is rather difficult to eat your values worth….) And if you stay for a while and have two drinks or a lovely fresh juice you will leave with a bill for about 70 Euro (for two people). So not really something you can afford every Saturday and Sunday.

When we had finished we were rather full – and so was the café. Every table was taken, so it was a bit loud. We definitely recommend this place – but get there early!

La Fabrique, Rue Américaine 122, Brussels // Facebook-Page