La Mercerie
Have a Cuppa in Style


We all have read a thousand times that green tea is good for you. And a good cup of coffee can also make your day. But a lot is also about the atmosphere: Tea in a Mug? Or a glass? No – you won’t find that here in this little tearoom which seems to try and preserve some of the good old times. At La Mercerie (Rue de Vergnies 2, close to Place Flagey) tea comes in pots (4,60€) and with dainty little cups with saucers. The coffee-frappé isn’t served in a huge glass but in a smaller one with a bit of milkfoam and a straw. You probably will see people nibbling away on cakes and sandwiches from a cake stand as soon as you enter.  All this in a very “authentic” atmosphere: Think Thonet Chairs, classical music and a white painted ceiling.

It is a place that will take you away from your hectic life – a place where you would like to treat your mother or grandmother with afternoon tea. However, there are few minor downpoints to mention:  As it is a peaceful, calm place you shouldn’t come here if you feel pushed for time. The waiter takes one order after another and prepares each order separately. That can take a while. (But it fits the atmosphere.)

Things can change rapidly though when kids arrive: As this tearoom is only one room you can’t really escape kids. So if you are unlucky you might have some noise. (Felt quite sorry for a lady who had just ordered an assiette gourmand, when a child next to her started climbing and screaming on the chair next to her.) But I guess this can happen anywhere.

One suggestion for improvement: When we arrived and I saw little pots of jam I straight away thought of English Cream Tea: Unfortunately they do not have scones! That is such a shame! Altogether I must say that the sweet goodies didn’t quite appeal to me. We had some of the lemon cake which was on offer that day. It was good. But nothing more.

All in all a nice place to meet a friend and have chat. Not the place for working. (But there was a socket if you need one for your laptop!) And for those sun-lovers: There are tables outside too…

La Mercerie, Rue des Vergnies 2, Brussels // Website