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Perfect for a Girls Night Out


Going out for Pasta isn’t really one of our habits. We normally prefer buying good quality pasta at home and trying out our own versions of sauces – be it with roasted cherry tomatoes, chanterelles or a homemade-Bolognese sauce, just like my Grandmother used to make it. From time to time however we do go out for Pasta – Italian food is great to eat with friends, everybody likes it and there always is a vegetarian option.
So recently I took up an invitation of some fellow Brussels food bloggers to go out for a lovely meal to La Piola in the Chatelain area (Rue du Page 2).  I had never heard of the restaurant before. (That is the reason why at first I got confused and went to Piola.Libri in the Schuman area.)

On arriving the girls were already enjoying some appetizers and aperol spritz, and it didn’t take long until the we were ready to order. We didn’t really need to consult a menu, as we had personal recommendations. One of the girls “better halves” works here. (So admittedly this review may be a bit biased!)

We opted for a lovely board of cold cut meats and cheeses – lovely gorgonzola on a bet of red radicchio salad – served with sourdough bread. A welcome alternative to your everyday baguette. We also shared a portion of grilled Italian cheese on a tomato base with olives. (I think it was scarmoza-cheese, not a great expert here). It went down well with the lovely red wine.

As a main course I opted for Penne all’Arrabiatta, as Maxine from “Why I am not skinny” was raving about it. It really was rather yummy, however, on this day it lacked the spice. (She says it depends on the chef in the kitchen.) But adding some chilli oil/chilli flakes, made it perfect. The other girls went for lovely pasta creations, topped with cheese and there was one lasagne on our table, quoted as “the best lasagne ever”.
Desert was tiramisu – an Italian “solid”. You really can’t go for anything else to round off a meal like that.

The location is cosy, it was rather full, so it might be wise to reserve a table. Unfortunately the menu isn’t online. There is a picture of the rustic blackboard, however, the dishes (and prices) aren’t quite accurate. The pasta dishes ranged between 11,90 and approx. 17 Euro.

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La Piola, Rue du Page 2, Brussels // Website

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  1. smarksthespots

    It was a lovely evening indeed! We should definitely repeat it soon 🙂

  2. why i am not skinny

    Happy to repeat!!!

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