La Porteuse d’Eau
Art Nouveau Brasserie in St. Gilles


Ask people what Brussels is famous for and you can bet that amongst the answers will be beer and Art Nouveau. So what could be better than a brasserie combinig those two?

La Porteuse d’eau does exactly that. It’s a picturesque art noveau Brasserie between Porte de Hal and Parvis St Gilles. Inside and outside you will find all the Jugendstil you can wish for – and on top of that a good choice of Belgian beers. 

What’s more, this is not one of those kitschy-touristy places you find dime-a-dozen near Grand-Place, but a place where the locals go. When we visited, there was the mid-fifties regular ordering his usual combo of trappiste beer and cheese; and at the table next to him a senior lady enjoying first a snack, then a coffee and finally a kriek beer to round things off.

If you are sat downstairs, make sure to have a look at the upstairs area too, where you will find not only the restrooms, but even more art noveau ornaments.

La Porteuse d’Eau, Avenue Jean Volders 48, Brussels // Website

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  1. Christopher Barnes

    How is the menu? Beer and food?

    1. philipp

      Good brasserie menu, you can find the full menu on the website –

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